Why You Must Learn To Love Your Period

Today, I’m breaking open a taboo subject that is too important to be silent about. It is one that usually only gets talked about in public through whispers. I want to warn you before reading this post that if you are easily offended, you may want to proceed with caution.

Earlier this week I started my period.

There. I said it.

With it came my usual distain for this time of the month. I felt particularly annoyed as it approached this time- frustrated for the inconvenience of it all. The back aches, the cramps, the tampons… all of it made me resentful.

It all boiled up last night as I was getting ready for bed. It was late for me, around midnight, and I had just finished showering and brushing my teeth. I was exhausted and so excited to crawl into bed…until I realized I was out of tampons.

Immediately I became infuriated. I could actually feel the anger boiling in my body as I jerked on my clothes and stomped to the car. I raged through the grocery store and by the time I got home, I didn’t crawl, but huffed and puffed my way into bed.

And then it was still.

As I began to calm down, I started thinking, “What in the world am I doing to myself?” At that moment I realized that not only was I making myself miserable, but I was completely rejecting and resenting my body. As someone who has healed from so many illnesses by being incredibly kind to my body, I know what this hate does.

I began to thank my body for it’s good work.

I thanked it for tirelessly preparing the way every single month in case I ever want to have children. I thanked it for giving me a chance to shed the time passed and start fresh each month. I thanked it for forcing me to slow down for a few days. I thanked it for teaching me the lesson of embracing every part of myself.

I thanked it because this is a big deal. As women, we get our periods every month. If we are spending a week every month resenting our bodies for something they were made to do, what harm are we doing to ourselves? I can tell you firsthand that when we harbor anger towards our bodies, illness can begin to manifest and our emotional and spiritual states are compromised.

In fact, having our periods is the most fundamentally feminine thing in our lives and if we reject it, we are standing against our femininity– and this is who we are.

You may not always feel as angry as I did this week (and I rarely get to that level either), but you may find yourself dreading that “time of the month”. You probably have a general annoyance or frustration happening for days and it is probably worse if you experience intense symptoms.

I have a challenge.

This month, let’s thank our bodies. Let’s embrace this gift that our bodies give us each month. Let’s welcome our cycles with love and respect for the hard and dedicated word that our reproductive systems do.

Question: Can you do this? Can we learn to love every part of ourselves? Why is this important? Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s Choice

Today I choose to love and thank my body for the tireless work it does every day. What do you choose?

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13 thoughts on “Why You Must Learn To Love Your Period

  1. Great post, Madeline :) I’m proud of you for coming to that realization and changing the way you think! You continue to inspire me!

    Today I chose to find the good in any inconvenience I may encounter.

  2. Thank you for this, Madeline. I never have even thought about this. It really puts it into perspective when you say that it’s one week each month of self-hate. Wow!

    I think we especially are so out of touch with our femininity because of things like birth control. BC is supposed to help lighten symptoms but I really think it is just fogging our view

    You are really living in the question “What does this make possible?” Thanks for continuing to inspire me!

    • That’s really interesting what you said about birth control. I hadn’t thought of that before. I won’t get into all the issue I have with BC, but yes, we are definitely out of touch.

      I think women don’t know so much about their bodies and we are constantly trying to cover it up or make it go away… take for example that “once a year” period birth control. Pretty crazy.

      • Reading this article for the first time and i have to say thank you! women know so little about their own reproductive health. I know that BC is a very touchy subject… but If you are willing to work so hard to purify your body in all ways but a serious hormone drug to stop the body from doing what it is always meant to do have you truly found a balance of health and personhood? esp as a woman ?

        It would benefit anyone who is really serious about health to look into other options. There are a lot more scientific options now than just “counting”. And i have never respected my body as a woman more!

  3. So timely! Just last night I was thinking about how much I hate my period. You’re right, I need to love my body! Thank you. :)

  4. I love this post. I have struggled with Endometriosis for over 7 years, until I healed. Part of it was emotional for sure. However, I never even thought about “self-resentment” and distorted body talk in this way. You have tapped into something that I think it even bigger than this short post.
    And it has to do with being ashamed of our femininity in so many ways. Whether that’s motherhood, cliche tasks like house keeping and being a warm hostess. We need to be proud that we are in fact women. And like you said, you can’t get more woman than having a period.

    Thanks for the reminder to be grateful for my body and for the natural process that God created for our bodies. Also, you should check out the Red Tent book/website. Amazing! http://www.theredtent.net/

    • Ah I think you are so right. There have been so many gains for women over the last century, but I think with that we lost a lot of our feminine identity. It’s definitely time we reclaim it!
      I will be mulling this over for a while…

      Thanks for your insight. You have got my wheels turning.

  5. Hi Madeline!

    Today I woke up expecting my period – fearful, scared, feeling gross, and basically setting my self up to create the experience that would ultimately fulfill these negative thoughts. Then I realized, that these negative thoughts are not serving me at all! What if I were to do a 180. What if I “embrace” and actually get jazzed and LOVE my period. Love it because it is a constant reminder of my reproductive system so diligently doing its divine work. Because it allows me a special time for looking inward. Because it causes me to slow down,giving my higher self an inlet to share it’s wisdom. It gives me new perspective. Because it’s mine, it’s divine and it even connects me to that eluminating body in the sky, the moon. So, I’ve decided that I love my period. And I want to THANK it for checking in to see how I’m doing each month. AND if and when it doesn’t show up, I’ll know that it’s absence has ushered in a new divine experience! For a little spark of life might be awaiting to come forth!