The 6 Supplements You Need to Take Every Day


When I first starting becoming conscious of food, I thought supplements were just a way for people who eat badly to get their nutrients. I was eating tons of vegetables, fruits, and nutrient dense meals. I didn’t need supplements, right? Wrong.

The reason we all need to be supplementing our diets is because no matter how well we eat, we aren’t getting all we need. This is due in part to the decreasing quality of our soil and also to our deficient diets.

There are a few staples that I think are super beneficial if taken every day. As always, before you start taking supplements and for condition specific protocols– you’ll want to talk to the Doc.

6 Supplements You Need to Take Everyday: 

1) Multivitamin: A good multivitamin covers a lot of bases. They can help support us when where we are lacking. There are just a few things to remember when looking to purchase one.

  • Make sure that it is from real food rather than synthetic. It will be more easily absorbed and assimilated in the body if it’s directly from a plant. I take Microplex VMz  from Doterra.
  • Pay attention to serving sizes and daily value percentages. Generally speaking, the higher the percentage, the better.

2) Omega 3: Omega 3’s are essential to a healthy diet. They are incredible anti-inflammatories and therefore amazing for all kinds of diseases. They are also essential for proper brain function and heart health. There are generally 3 different types of Omega 3 sources.

  • Animal Based: This will include fish oil, cod liver oil, and krill oil. Make SURE you are getting your fish oils from a clean source that is free of heavy metals. My personal favorite is krill oil from Dr. Mercola.
  • Plant Based:  The most commonly supplemented plant oil is flax oil. If you are looking for a vegan option for Omega 3’s this is what you’ll want. Udo’s oil is renowned for being the best on the market.
  • Combo Oils: This is a great option if you don’t want to take 2 different types of oil. My favorite right now is Doterra’s xEO Omega.

3) Vitamin D: 3/4 of Americans are vitamin D deficient. It is essential for healthy bones because it helps us absorb calcium. Without enough, it can increase our risk for cancer, asthma, and cognitive issues. Also, if you have daytime tiredness, you may be vitamin D deficient.

  • Sunshine: Gasp! I am actually telling you to go sit out in the sun without sunscreen. Sunscreen blocks us from getting vitamin D, so try to get 20 minutes a day of direct sun exposure. If you are totally freaked out by this, no worries, you can take a supplement.
  • D3 in pill form: The recommended daily dose is 400 IUs a day for adults but most experts believe that to be way too low. We need more like 1,000-6,000 IUs. Try this one.

4) Algae: I take a form of algae every day in my morning smoothie. They are some of the most nutrient dense foods on the plant and are the highest sources of chlorophyll you can find. They are also high in protein, amino acids, B12 and fatty acids. They are incredible for detoxifying the body.

  • Chlorella: Excellent for cleansing and detoxing from heavy metals. I like this one.
  • Spirulina: Great for general detoxifying and higher in protein. Try this.
  • Blue Green Algae: I only recently discovered E3Live which is wild harvested from the Klamath Lake in Oregon. This stuff is AMAZING. They freeze it live so it is full of live and active nutrients.

5) Probiotics:  I’ve talked before about how gut health is everything. Good gut bacteria is essential for immune system functioning and cognitive functioning. Everything starts in the gut and we much be supporting it to function at it’s best. There are 2 ways to get probiotics.

  • Fermented Foods: This is the best way to get probiotics. You can eat and drink things like kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt, and kombucha tea. Make sure your fermented foods are raw or else most of the probiotics will be dead.
  • Probiotic Supplement: If you have a hard time getting your hands on fermented foods, a supplement is the next best thing. Garden of life has a great and raw product that is the best on the market.

6) Coenzyme Q10: CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that energizes every cell in your body. It is necessary for healthy cell function and prevents cell damage. It is known as the miracle antioxidant because it is so powerful for anti-aging.

  • Cellular Complex: I get my CoQ10 from a cellular complex called Alpha CRS+ that I take every day. It has lots of other antioxidants in it as well to support cell health. 
  • Ubiquinol: This is the easiest to assimilate form of CoQ10 and it is especially important to take this form of it the older you are. You can buy it here. If you are on statin drugs, this is a MUST.

Since I have been supplementing with these every day, I feel like I have so much more energy. I think you will too.

Question: What are your daily essential supplements? Are you excited about adding some of these to your daily regime? Let me know in the comments below.


Today I choose to believe that every little thing I do makes a big difference. What do you choose?

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10 thoughts on “The 6 Supplements You Need to Take Every Day

  1. This is perfect! I love that everything is short and to the point and still very informative.

    All this has made a big impact on me too :) Gotta have my smoothies especially (even if I don’t like the chlorella that much).

    • The algae taste isn’t for everyone. I guess I should have mentioned that you can get chlorella and spirulina in tablet form… I just don’t want one more pill to take. :)

  2. Don’t forget chia seeds! They’re a great flax replacement because they don’t have to be ground up to gain all the goodness from them. :-) Plus they help with people who have tummy troubles. Great article. I enjoy reading your blog.

    • Yes, you’re right! I eat chia seeds every day in my smoothies and I adore them. There are a few more supplements that I take ever day as well.

      The only reason I didn’t mention chia is that I don’t think they’re quite as critical and can cause constipation in some people if you’re not careful. But for most people they are an AWESOME daily addition!

      • I can understand not mentioning EVERY supplement available. Otherwise your list would be much, much longer. Since I have IBS-D, I automatically go for supplements that help that troublesome issue – and I’ve been doing a lot of research on amino acids, in particular L-Glutamine. So much interesting stuff out there to read and learn about. Thanks for your reply and health, well-being, and nutrition advice.

        Have a great day!

        • I have Crohn’s Disease, so I totally understand :) I have not done much research on amino acids, but someone actually mentioned that to me the other day so I will definitely be looking into it now! Thanks for the tip!

  3. I love this! I have been taking the Life Long Vitality pack (Microplex VMz, xEO Mega, Alpha CRS+) from Doterra as well as their probiotic (PB Assist+) and have loved it! I think I definitely need to add in more Vitamin D because my sleep patterns are very wacked. I also need to try and get more algae in every day.

    Thanks for the post, Madeline!

    • Thanks! Yes, I think Vitamin D (especially from the sun) can really help with our wake/sleep cycles. I’m sure once you’re done with your job your sleep will even itself out!

  4. If I were to choose only one supplement to take daily, it would be alpha lipoic acid. It does everything: antioxidant, regulates blood sugar (may help prevent and treat type 2 diabetes), helps brain function, prevents brain aging and over all aging, supports liver, etc. Wonderful stuff.