Punch Fear in the Face!


If you’ve been following my journey, you know that I went to the west coast recently for a Tony Robbins conference. To say it was life changing was an understatement. If you ever get the chance to go to one of Tony’s conferences, DO IT!

While I was there, I came face to face with some major fears. First let me say that I have never been a fan of getting out of my comfort zone. Honestly, I have always hated that feeling of the unknown, the possibility of something “bad” happening, and the reality that it may be difficult. Hello! It took me 10 years to change my diet and lifestyle… all because of fear.

What I learned at the conference though, was the thing that stops us from moving forward is fear! I desperately want to move forward in my life. I would say it’s actually my number one goal. To become a better person, to love better, to move further into my calling, and to be healthier and more vibrant every day is what fuels me. If I let my dears control me, none of this will be possible.

So I did some crazy stuff. Let it be known that this wasn’t met with great enthusiasm. In my mind, I was kicking and screaming the entire way until I finally understood what it was all about. More on that later.


The first thing I did was fire walking. I’m talking about burning coals that were somewhere between 1000 to 1500 degrees! I didn’t even know this was a fear of mine until I was thrown right into the reality of it. Just look at that picture! This was one of those surreal moments in life when you feel like you’re in a complete altered state of reality. The feeling that came after it was done was one of the most empowering moments of my life.



I did NOT want to do go skydiving.  Why would I willingly put myself in a position where I could die? I kept having flashes of me having to watch myself falling to my death and it totally freaked me out. Fortunately, Shawn’s best friend bought our jumps ahead of time as a belated wedding present and so the pressure was on.

I practically kicked and screamed the entire 24 hours before we went. I was desperately hoping someone would give me permission to stay home or that I would suddenly come down with a bad cold. But I did it… And it was the most beautiful, freeing, thing I’ve ever done! If you want the best natural high you can get, go skydiving, I was on cloud 9 for hours. Check out the video my amazing husband put together below.


1) The things I am most scared of are usually not that scary after all. Sometimes we make things huge in our minds and they can consume us. Tony had us do an exercise to lessen our fear. We first imagined ourselves walking on the fire and let it be big and scary. We then made the image black and white, then 2 dimensional, then tiny, then cartoon… with each step, it became less and less scary. I have used this numerous times since and it really does work.

2) It’s not actually about fire walking or skydiving… It’s about being able to change my state in a instant. If we can change our physiology (physical body, breath, posture, etc), focus (what we’re giving our attention to), and our language (the way we talk about something), we can overcome in the blink of an eye. That exercise can be used in any situation and is now one of the most valuable tools I have.

3) Right on the other side of your comfort zone is where the magic happens. If I think of all the really wonderful things and moments in my life, they were usually right after I pushed myself outside of my safe place. This is imperative for true joy and fulfillment.

4) If I can’t, then I MUST. This is a big one. Anytime I feel like I just can’t do something because it’s too scary, hard, etc., then I MUST do it. This feeling is a major clue that there is a blockage that we must clear.

5) If I can push through my fear and overcome the some of the scariest situations I can imagine, I can push through anything. The feeling after we’ve overcome fear is electrifying. When we realize that the scariest thing we could imagine really wasn’t that scary, we feel like we can conquer the world.

This is how I want to live from now on. How about you?

How can we push ourselves to move forward? How can we face our fears? Have you ever overcome something impossible? Let me know in the comments below.


I choose to step outside my comfort zone and let the magic happen. What do you choose?

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6 thoughts on “Punch Fear in the Face!

  1. Madeline, this is AWESOME! I am so proud of you!! I was just talking about this yesterday. Sometimes the things I think are the scariest, when I get up to do them, aren’t scary at all. I have been facing a lot of fear lately and can truly attest to how powerful changing your state is. Being in constant MOTION rather than EMOTION is very powerful as well! As Dori from Finding Nemo says, “Just keep swimming!”

  2. I’m still so proud of you for doing those things :) You freaking rock, baby!

    “If I can’t, I must” has really been ringing a bell after reading this. It translates to all areas of life, most recently, my bike ride this morning as I’m cresting the top of a hill and want to get up, then resisting gluten to wait a bit until I can find a great alternative.

    Great post!