Are Your Electronics Making You Sick?

Imagine you are getting ready for bed. Exhausted, you wash your face, brush your teeth, plug your phone in and slide underneath your clean sheets. You let out a sigh of relief, close your eyes and wait for sweet slumber… but 20 minutes later you still aren’t asleep. Finally, at some point you nod off, but wake up multiple times in the night- constantly tossing and turning. Sound familiar?

This was an all too familiar scenario in my life as well. If you are experiencing these symptoms (and are an otherwise healthy person), you could be suffering from over exposure to EMFs.

What are EMFs?

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are the force fields that are produced by and surround any electrically charged object. This may sound strange, but it’s actually very scientific. You can think of it as the combination of the electric field and the magnetic field.

How do EMFs affect us?

The electronics in your home (and outside of it) are all giving off a specific frequency that can affect our bodies in various ways. Everything from Wifi, cell phones, power lines and computers to hair dryers, microwaves, refrigerators and alarm clocks give off EMFs.

Numerous studies have shown a link between EMFs and all kinds of side effects including an increased risk of cancer (especially in children), fatigue, sleep disturbance, headaches and more.

In simplistic terms, these EMFs affect us negatively because they disturb the balance and rhythm of our own electromagnetic fields. Our bodies weren’t meant to deal with these types of EMFs.

*I need to take a moment to note that microwave ovens are some of the absolute worst and most toxic offenders in this area. If you are still using a microwave, I beg you to read this article.

How do we reduce exposure?

The bad news is that we live in an electronic world now and so we can’t escape EMFs altogether. The good news is that there are some really simple steps we can take to protect ourselves against these guys.

1. Unplug your electronics. Even when turned off, objects that are plugged in give off EMFs. When you aren’t using your hairdryer or phone charger, just unplug them. Not only will you be reducing your exposure, you’ll be saving money in the meantime.

2. Move your devices away from your bed. I recently shifted most of my electronics (cell charges, fan, essential oil diffuser, speakers, etc.) to the opposite side of the room. The closer you are to an object, the higher the radiation from the EMFs. That cell phone charging right next to your head is almost certainly disturbing your sleep.

If you really want to get serious, make sure that your bed isn’t against a wall that has appliances on the other side, such as a refrigerator or oven. These frequencies can penetrate walls, so if you’re having trouble sleeping, try moving your bed to the opposite side of the room.

3. Keep your distance. Like I said before, EMF radiation decreases the further away from it you are. Stand a foot away from your stove instead of right up on it. Put your computer on the table instead of your lap. Use headphones (not the wireless kind) when talking on the phone. This should greatly reduce the amount of exposure you get.

4. Buy an EMF shielding device. Companies have started creating products that can shield us from EMFs. You can find cell phone protection stickers, pendants to wear around your neck, and I recently even saw a EMF blocking sweater. Crazy! Technology is amazing these days. I came across this company a few months ago when doing research and they seem to be the best I’ve found.

There is no need to get terribly freaked out and drastic, but with a couple easy steps you can reduce your risk and maybe even sleep better at night. That’s a win/win in my book.

Question: What steps can you take to reduce your EMF exposure? Have you already taken these steps and noticed a benefit? Let me know in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Are Your Electronics Making You Sick?

  1. Love this! I have been taking simple steps towards reducing my exposure and time on electronics. Simple things like no electronics between 9pm and 9am are working wonders when it comes to going to sleep rested and waking up energised and ready to go.

  2. I’m actually searching for the cause of something strange.
    whenever I am on my cellphone, internet,playing games, Facebook..
    it knocks me out cold!
    I mean, I wake up with cellphone on the floor, glasses hanging somewhere!!
    even on a kindle on my friends porch!
    this happens ANYTIME of the day!
    the only time it doesn’t is when I’m standing up ,so right now I’m leaning on the kitchen counter:-)
    I am on lyrica and baclofen (muscle relax) for fibromyalgia.
    but I can’t remember when this started but it’s been at least ayear ago, it may be the lyrica?
    but I CAN’T find ANY info Anywhere !
    I KNOW you have a life and probably not any time either…but off you come across the likes of this, would you be so kind as to pass it on to me:-)
    Thank you ever sui much for your time, Virginia

    • Just seen this. It’s been a year since you posted this Virginia but what you say sounds a lot like electro-hypersensitivity (EHS).

      Check out for starters.

      There’s huge amounts of information on the internet regarding EMFs and EHS which you can easily find through googling.

      Best of luck. If you’re EHS, you’re in for a very tough time.

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