Your Guide to Radiant Summer Skin

summer skin
Summer is in full swing and I couldn’t be happier. I am a warm weather chick through and through and all this sunshine makes my heart sing. If you’re like me, warm weather comes with much more time outdoors and in the sun. I really try to stay away from chlorine pools but luckily I’ve discovered a couple of saltwater ones around town and have taken my school work poolside to soak up the sun.

All of this time outdoors has me thinking a lot about skin. We should really try to take extra care to protect and nourish our skin in the summer because we want to avoid premature aging and skin cancer.

Like all things in my life, I try to do this as naturally as possible. It was a little bit of a shift at first, but now I wouldn’t go back to my old, chemical full products for anything.

The Truth About Sun Exposure

Are Your Electronics Making You Sick?

Imagine you are getting ready for bed. Exhausted, you wash your face, brush your teeth, plug your phone in and slide underneath your clean sheets. You let out a sigh of relief, close your eyes and wait for sweet slumber… but 20 minutes later you still aren’t asleep. Finally, at some point you nod off, but wake up multiple times in the night- constantly tossing and turning. Sound familiar?

This was an all too familiar scenario in my life as well. If you are experiencing these symptoms (and are an otherwise healthy person), you could be suffering from over exposure to EMFs.

What are EMFs?

Why Holding On Is Holding You Back

holding on

Just the other day, I was taking my morning bike ride through the park when I hit a narrow strip of sidewalk and my front wheel just barely slipped off. In an attempt to correct my mistake, I lost balance and proceeded to tip my bike over and go sliding along the path. After I came to a stop I stood up, embarrassed, and tried to gain my composure as my body shook like a leaf from the shock.

I looked down and saw that my hands were bleeding and raw from road rash and my right hip ached. I immediately started crying as the pain set in.

5 Things I’m Loving Right Now

5 things
Man oh man, here we are halfway through the year and so much great stuff has happened already. I spent the better part of May swamped and I’m honestly really relieved to be starting June all caught up and fresh.

This past Sunday, Shawn and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been a year already. I feel so blessed to have married this man last year and wish I could relive that day over and over again. He is my hero, number one cheerleader and all around best husband I could ever dream of. Here we are on Sunday:

Why You Must Learn To Love Your Period

Today, I’m breaking open a taboo subject that is too important to be silent about. It is one that usually only gets talked about in public through whispers. I want to warn you before reading this post that if you are easily offended, you may want to proceed with caution.

Earlier this week I started my period.

There. I said it.

With it came my usual distain for this time of the month. I felt particularly annoyed as it approached this time- frustrated for the inconvenience of it all. The back aches, the cramps, the tampons… all of it made me resentful.

It all boiled up last night as I was getting ready for bed.

The 6 Supplements You Need to Take Every Day


When I first starting becoming conscious of food, I thought supplements were just a way for people who eat badly to get their nutrients. I was eating tons of vegetables, fruits, and nutrient dense meals. I didn’t need supplements, right? Wrong.

The reason we all need to be supplementing our diets is because no matter how well we eat, we aren’t getting all we need. This is due in part to the decreasing quality of our soil and also to our deficient diets.

There are a few staples that I think are super beneficial if taken every day. As always, before you start taking supplements and for condition specific protocols– you’ll want to talk to the Doc.

6 Supplements You Need to Take Everyday: 

Why You Should Allow Yourself to Be Irresponible

I read an article the other day about the top 5 regrets of the dying. While the results weren’t shocking, one in particular got me thinking.

The number one regret of dying people is “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” I started to wonder how much of my life has been lived out of true purpose and joy instead of expectations of how I “should” live. I think every day it gets easier and easier to be my authentic self, but there are still so many things I do that probably go against what my heart really yearns for.

For example, somewhere along the way, I learned to

Vitamin S: 10 Tips for Your Best Sleep Ever

For years I have struggled with sleep. Up until recently it was not uncommon for me to wake up 10-15 times a night, constantly tossing and turning. I was always so exhausted during the day, and tried everything to get my sleep back on track. Part of my healing mission has been to reclaim my sleep, and I’m happy to report that I now wake up only 1-3 times a night.


How to Easily Reduce Stress

These past 2 weeks have been slammed for me. My schedule has been jam packed with work, school, blogging, family staying with us, mother’s day, birthdays, and gearing up for the 12 South Farmer’s Market.

On Sunday night after the dust settled, I felt really discouraged. I starting listing off a whole host of irrational thoughts to Shawn. “I have nothing to write about on my blog.” “I don’t know enough people for my health coaching to be successful.” “Everyone I know already uses the essential oils I want to sell.” “I’m always the odd man out at get togethers and parties.” “No one values what I love.” Shawn sat patiently like the amazing husband that he is and let me go on and on.